Estela Rios Inspirational Award

Estela Rios Inspirational Award introduce myself I am Estela Rios also known as StellaJourney for my social sites I set up to inspire people like me. I used to weigh 405 pounds 3 1/2 yrs ago I am a single mother of 5 handsome boys ages 13 to 4yrs old I work couple jobs and… Continue reading Estela Rios Inspirational Award

Candyce Sexton Inspirational Award

Candyce Sexton Inspirational Award

Candyce Sexton Inspirational Award Most people who meet me now, would never know or guess that I weighed 231lbs back in 2012 or that I suffered (and occasionally still do) from chronic pain. Most people wouldn’t know or guess that I was once one of the most negative or depressed people to talk to. I… Continue reading Candyce Sexton Inspirational Award

Jon Knight Inspirational Award

Jon Knight Transformation Contest

Jon Knight Inspirational Award After years of up and down weight fluctuations, I grew to the weight of 370 pounds. This led to several problems such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol. Bending over to tie my shoes got me winded. Of course, I always loved lifting weights, but never got my nutrition… Continue reading Jon Knight Inspirational Award

Inspirational Story, Chritina Mangan

Christina Mangan, Inspirational Story - NW Fitness Magazine

Inspirational Story, Chritina Mangan Every single person in this world is destined for their own greatness, some it comes easier than others some harder, but every single one has their own struggles and hardships trying to stop their own personal greatness. Mine, well it has been a bumpy road from a younger age but I… Continue reading Inspirational Story, Chritina Mangan

Shari Lynn – Inspirational Story

Shari Lynn - Inspirational Story - NW Fitness magazine - Williams Productions

Shari Lynn – Inspirational Story – NW Fitness Magazine Despite the Fact that Shari Lynn is Deaf, she finds creative ways to inspire others to get the shape. Shari is passionate about inspiring as many people as she can to take advantage of the opportunities available to them and take charge of their health and fitness.… Continue reading Shari Lynn – Inspirational Story

Ben Yada – Inspirational Story

Ben Yada - Inspirational Story - NW Fitness Magazine - Williams Productions

Ben Yada – Inspirational Story – NW Fitness Magazine. As told by Julie Sheldon, Bens Mom… “I want to introduce you to an extraordinary young man, my son, Ben Yada.  Ben’s mission in life was to become a member of the Navy Seals.  Unfortunately, that dream was not to be due to a peanut allergy… Continue reading Ben Yada – Inspirational Story

Inspirational story awards

Inspirational fitness story award Do you have an inspirational story or know someone that does? Share your story with us and we will share it with others to inspire them through learning of the adversities that you have overcome. Submit your story and images through the form below. We will post a link to your story… Continue reading Inspirational story awards

Kamela James Inspirational Award

Kamela James Inspirational Award

Kamela James Inspirational Award In May of 2010, I participated in a sprint triathlon in Tempe, Arizona. I’ve always been active relatively speaking but I had not been involved in any type of organized sport since I was a child. In the last three weeks before the race I started to feel ill, and I… Continue reading Kamela James Inspirational Award