Keng Cheah Transformation Contest 

Keng Cheah Transformation Contest

Thank you for taking the time to read about my transformation. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident 5 years ago in which a drunk driver ran me over from the back, while I was stopped at a left turn signal on my motorcycle. My left foot got caught underneath his truck and when he reversed to run away, my entire ankle joint was crushed. The great orthopedic doctors at St Joseph Medical Hospital contemplated about amputating my foot, given the severity of the injury. They decided to save it and a few surgeries later I was fitted with a titanium plate and twelve screws, along with a skin graft surgery taken from the side of my thigh. I had always been an active person who enjoys weightlifting and bodybuilding. The ability to transform oneself through sound training and nutrition always fascinates me. I like the idea that this sport is almost entirely a solo practice, in which you are in control of how much effort you put in every day. After the accident, I wasn’t able to walk for almost 6 months. I progressed from wheelchair to walker, crutches, and cane, then after a lot of physical therapy session was finally able to walk on my own for Mother’s day. I have decided to give up bodybuilding but the passion was ignited once again after attending the NPC Emerald cup. The guests were given a free daily pass to a local gym in Bellevue and I remember sitting on an incline barbell bench for the first time since the accident. I completed one semi struggled set and decided there that I will build up my strength and physique again. Fast forward to 5 years and my last surgery in 2015, I decided to enter this year’s NPC WA State Open bodybuilding competition. My goal is to be able to step on stage as a way to acknowledge the conquer of all the ups and down in the past years. I look forward to meeting my fellow competitors and have a fun time at the event.

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