NPC WA State Open competitor info/email.

NPC WA State Open competitor info.

Thank You for choosing to compete in this years NPC WA State Bodybuilding Figure Fitness Bikini Physique Championship, National Qualifier.

CHECK‑INS/ WEIGH‑INS:    Competitors will weigh-in/measure in (wearing posing suit) and check in their music.  Check‑ins/weigh‑ins FRIDAY Aug 15 6pm-8pm.

  • Date: Sat August 16h 2014.
  • Location: Washington State Fair Events Center. 110 9th Ave SW, Puyallup WA 98371.
  • Time: 9am doors open to the public
  • 10am N.P.C Competition Judging starts
  • 5pm N.P.C Competition Night show finals start
  • Event Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma / Puyallup, 1515 South Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98371,
DATE:                                     Saturday, Aug 16, 2014 ‑ Prejudging: 10 AM Finals: 5:00 PM              
Competitor Meeting: mandatory competitor meeting Sat Aug 16   8:30am
MUSIC                                   ONLY CD’s (not MP3) are acceptable. CD must be free from distortion and blank, expect for the piece of music you’re using.  CD must be marked with competitors name and division entered on the side that the music is on.  Bodybuilding routines should be no longer than 60 seconds and up to 2 minutes for fitness.  Absolutely no music with obscene language accepted.  Williams Productions will not accept liability for CD’s left behind.
PREJUDGING:                   10 am, doors open 9 am
FINALS:                                5 pm

Event tanning link. https://wastatebodybuilding.com/competitor-resources/official-competition-tanner/

Event Tickets https://wastatebodybuilding.com/event-tickets/

Event Hotel https://wastatebodybuilding.com/host-hotel/

Competitor List https://wastatebodybuilding.com/competitor-list/

Event Photographer pictures https://wastatebodybuilding.com/competitor-resources/official-event-photographervideo/

Backstage Trainer Pass http://nwfitnessevents.com/events/backstage-trainer-pass-npc-wa-state-open-bodybuilding-figure-fitness-bikini-physique-championship/

  • The competitor list page is being updated within the next 12 hrs. Check back in a bit.
  • A page is additionally being made for each competitor. I would like to add pictures on your pages. With that said. Email me a picture or pictures to: pictures@nwfitnessmag.com or post them to this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wabodybuilding please write your name and class or classes you are competing in. You can also include a special thank message to your supporters, friends, family ect. I will add your message to your page in addition to including it in a video slideshow.
  • All competitors will be in both the 10am Judging and the 5pm finals. Awards for all classes are at the 5pm night show finals.

NPC WA Open Registered competitor Facebook Photo contest. Win a free contest package worth over $250. Post a pic on the following Facebook page and whatever pic has the most likes by July 31st wins.  Prizes awarded to the top 3 registered competitors with the most likes on their pics posted to this page: https://www.facebook.com/wabodybuilding

  1. 1st place- Free competitor tan from the event tanner, free contest video of both prejudge and night show, and 2 free Judging tickets.
  2. 2nd place-2 Free Judging tickets
  3. 3rd place- Free Judging stage picture package.

Backstage trainer pass includes NPC WA State Open admission to both 10:00am Judging as well as 5:00 pm night show. Purchase of the backstage trainer pass will give you a reserves seat as well as backstage access. You MUST possess a current NPC card to purchase this pass. You must show proof of NPC card at will call to pick up back stage trainer pass at will call. If you cannot prove proof of a current NPC card then you will only be given your reserved seat tickets and not backstage access. This is due to insurance and is an NPC Federation rule. Backstage Trainer pass sales end Aug 1st, no exceptions. You will receive a $50 Vip night show VIP seat as well as a $23 Judging VIP seat for yourself.  Williams Productions appreciates all trainers that are prepping competitors for this event as you have a choice of shows to prep your athletes for. However Williams Productions works hard to put together an amazing event for you to showcase your athletes and give you a platform and a reason for athletes to pay you to prep them. With that said…..Although Williams Productions appreciates your support, we cannot put on an event of this magnitude by giving away passes to trainers, and responding to requests of such.

Backstage trainer pass is only available for purchase until Aug 1st.  Backstage space is limited. Only 40 passes are available. 1st come 1st serve. After Aug 1st this opportunity will no longer exist.


Open Men Bodybuilding Bantam

Open Men Bodybuilding Light Weight

Open Men Bodybuilding Middle Weight

Open Men Bodybuilding Light-Heavy Weight

Open Men Bodybuilding Heavy Weight

Open Men Bodybuilding Super Heavy Weight

Open Women Bodybuilding Light

Open Women Bodybuilding Middle

Open Women Bodybuilding Heavy

Novice Men Bodybuilding Light

Novice Men Bodybuilding Heavy

Novice Bodybuilding Women

Jr Men Bodybuilding

Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding

Masters Women Bodybuilding over 35

Masters Women Bodybuilding over 50

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 40

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 50

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 60

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 70

Fitness Routines

Figure Short, Medium, Tall, Masters 35, 50

Fitness 2 pc

Bikini (5’2” & under), Bikini (5’2”-5’4”),Bikini (5’4”-5’6”), Bikini (over 5’6”), Bikini 35, Bikini 50

Men Physique Short, Med, Tall, over 35,  over 50

Women Physique, Women Physique over 35


5:00 Intro of MC KIM FARISON Judges & Promoter

Open Men Bantam Bodybuildiers

Guest Poser

Light-weight Bodybuilders


Middle-weight Bodybuilders

Guest Poser-

Lt-Heavy-weight Bodybuilders

Guest Poser-

Heavy-weight Bodybuilders

Guest Poser –

Super Heavy-weight Bodybuilders

Guest Poser-Pose down:


Open Women Bodybuilding Light, Middle, Heavy

Guest Appearance 2011 Wa State Overall Champion Kirsten Haug


Novice Men Bodybuilding Light, Heavy


Novice Woman Bodybuilding

Jr Men Bodybuilding

Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding

Masters Woman bodybuilding 35

Masters Woman bodybuilding 50

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 40, Over 50, Over 60, Over 70


Fitness Routines

Figure Short, Medium, Tall, Masters 35, 50


Fitness 2 pc & AWARDS

Best Poser ** Team Trophy ** Most Inspirational

Bikini (5’2” & under), Bikini (5’2”-5’4”),Bikini (5’4”-5’6”), Bikini (over 5’6”), Bikini 35, Bikini 50


Men’s Physique, Short, Med, Tall, 35, 50

Women physique, Woman physique over 35