New competitor info/email

competitor info/email was just sent.

Williams Productions would like to thank you for being a part of the 2013 NPC WA State Open Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini & Physique Championship , National Qualifier. Congratulations on successfully overcoming the obstacles and adversities along the way. You have made an amazing transformation physically and challenged yourself mentally in a way that nobody but you can truly understand. All of you have such amazing stories that created the desire to challenge yourself to get on stage July 20 th at WA State Open. Along the way I can be certain that you started out as a student of this sport and became a mentor to many. Through your obvious success it is only natural that you have inspired those around you and have become leader to others on the start of their journey. I would like to share more of your success to help motivate and inspire others as you were once inspired to take on this challenge.  I would also like to give all of you the chance on YOUR special day to give a little back to those that supported you along your journey. Lets admit it most of you were probably hard on those that were the closest to you and your biggest supporters. Most of you owe a little thanks to a: trainer, nutritionist, posing coach, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, best friends family members friends ect ect…….. So here is what we are going to do……At 5:45 We will run a slide show onstage, on the big screen, for the supporters to watch and be inspired by your achievements and appreciated by your personal messages.


Email me me pics of things like: progress pics, contest pics,  extreme transformation (before & after) pics of obstacles, special people to you, funny pics, group or team pics. Send me whatever you want. This video will contain  pics as well as with personal messages from YOU to your supporters.   We will display your personal message accross the pics that you provide  as the slideshow plays inspirational audio in the background. This is alot of work at the last minute but it will be well worth it, don’t you think?  Send me any kind of pics you want, training pics, team pics, pics of your coaches/trainers/supporters eating pizza or whatever you want. Make it fun and or inspiring. Because this is last minute I need it to be organized and fast. So here are the details

1-Email your pics to info@williamsproductions.com

2-Type the subject Competitord pic

3-in your email include 1—YOUR NAME, 2—include your pic,3– include your special message.

Trainers and coaches you can send in pics and messages to your team or individuals, or  to the audience as well.


4-Thursday at midnight is your deadline to get me our pics and messages.


I hope many of you take advantage of this opportunity to make the ones that came to the show to support YOU,  feel  appreciated and a bit special too !!!!!!  Lets have a blast and enjoy this!! Share your success and inspire someone to challenge themselves as you have.


Below is a link to a short video that has been posted on the site with some pics that have already been sent to us. https://wastatebodybuilding.com/motivationinspiration


One last little contest opportunity before the show.  BTW would somebody please beat Mark Sindayen at one of these social media contests. This guy now needs to bring a wheelbarrow to the show to claim his prizes from the sponsors. Here it is. post a pic to this page https://www.facebook.com/wabodybuilding      Whoever has the most combined likes and comments gets a free T-shirt from Dave Pattersons Booth. A Free Bottle of Thermo Alert, 5 lbs of Protein from Willis Tri-Pro, and a free. YOU MUST POST THE PIC TO THE PAGE IN THIS PARAGRAPH.  https://www.facebook.com/wabodybuilding   Contest is over at midnight on Thursday.

Ticket info

When tickets are ordered online they are emailed to the email that is used to order the ticket. If you do not see them in your inbox, please check your spam folder, before you contact me. If you still do not see them contact me ASAP so I can get it taken care of.


Both am and pm shows are reserved seating. you or your supporters can log onto the following site link and select seat you want from what is available.  http://williamsproductions.eventbee.com/   you can also go to www.WAstatebodybuilding.com and click on the ticket link.


If you have not received the tickets that you ordered  email me.  info@williamsproductions.com


Competitors obviously do not need a ticket to get into the theater, but if you want to sit with your family and friends to watch the show you will need to purchase a seat as it is reserved seating.


Whatever seats are left Sat will be sold at the door while seating lasts. Both the morning and night shows are reserved seating so it makes sense to get your tickets early and pick a better seat.


Event Tanning

Northwest Competition  Coloring is the Official Event Tanner.

They are professional and experienced at making sure you have the best color possible feature your physique under the WA State Championship lights on stage.

They now are accepting appointments for both Fri & Sat to get you ready. Contact them early to be sure you have a time slot and are not rushed. They do charge a fee for the service they provide but it is well worth it as they know what looks best under our extreme lighting.

NWCC tans contact info to book your appt 360-791-3558 at: nwcc@nwcctan.com


Event hotel

Auburn Travelodge Suites, Phone:253-833-7171, Nine 16th St North West, Auburn, WA

Event photo & Event Video

The Mark Mason Media TEAM  are the Official Event photographer. This team has years of photo and video experience at this event as well as many many. Much of Mark Mason Media  photos from NW events has shown up in NW Fitness Magazine.  They will be taking photo and video of both the am and pm shows. Your photos and event videos may be purchased online at http://www.markmasonmedia.com/htm/13_wa_state.htm


Double Entry

If you are interested in crossing over to compete in two classes. (example masters bikini and bikini short, or masters bodybuilding and open or novice ect ect) You are allowed to do this. However you must fill out two separate entry forms and pay your entry fee for both classes. FYI, if this is something you are considering do it ASAP.

At this point I will not return emails or phone calls regarding waiving late entry fee’s. The event is getting close and my time and attention is going toward the last minute details promoting on a great show for those that entered, and not on those trying to squeak in. DO NOT PLAN ON ENTERING SAT THE DAY OF THE SHOW.


Bikini & Physique

The bikini and physique classes will be in both the morning and night show, just like the rest of the competition.


Fri July 19th  Auburn Performing Arts Center  206 E Street NE Auburn Wa 98002

5:00 pm – 5:45 pm  posing clinic https://wastatebodybuilding.com/judges/tonia-williams

Complimentary competitor posing clinic.


Tonia will be conducting a complimentary pre-contest posing informational class, for registered  competitors of the  2013 NPC WA State Open Bodybuilding Figure Fitness Bikini Physique Championship. This will be conducted at the Auburn Performing Arts Center from 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm on July 19, just before check in. Competitor check in is from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Tonia will inform the competitors which side of stage they will be entering and exiting. The spots that the competitors will walk to. Tonia will demonstrate the mandatory poses for the various classes as well as answer any specific questions. If time permits she can give some general advice, basic do’s and dont’s to help you in your ability to properly present yourself on the stage of the WA State Open Championship.  Team coaches and trainers are welcome to attend as you may have questions that can help your team present itself without any last minute surprises. We hope to educate and prepare you, so that you are confident in your stage presence and have a great experience,

Attention first time competitors, get to check in early, take advantage of this opportunity and gain some incite from a WA State Open Official Contest Judge…….Failing to plan, is planning to fail.


Fri July 19th

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Competitor check in

Sat July 20th

Vendor set up 7:00 am – 9:00 am


Sat July 20th

8:00 am 9:00 am

Late Competitor check in

In theatre/stage  Auburn Performing Arts Center, 206 E Street NE, Auburn Wa 98002


Sat July 20th

9:00 am Competitor meeting in theatre/stage

Auburn Performing Arts Center, 206 E Street NE, Auburn Wa 98002


9:00 am Expo doors open to the public

10:00 am NPC Competition Begins on stage


1:00 pm is an estimation on the end of NPC judging


2:00 pm Expo doors close public


5:00 pm Expo doors open to the public



6:00 NPC Intro MC KIM F, Promoter intro, Judges intro, NPC Night show begins


Misc info

As I totally understand and appreciate all of the science that goes into the nutrition on the day of the event, and realize you must eat and hydrate. Please take care of this in the lobby. You are not permitted to eat or drink in the theatre seating area. With that being said. Please be safe and properly hydrate yourself as well as safety comes first! There will be an EMT backstage, so do not hesitate to ask for help if you are experiencing dizziness, lightheadedness, cramping or anything else.


There is a bathroom back stage as well as in the lobby.


The co-ed pump up area with weights will be on one side of the stage wtith the ladies only makeup / changing area on the other.


Please do not touch the curtains.  Bring a towel with you to wipe yourself off.


You will receive 2 numbers. One goes on the front right. and the other goes on your back right.

Services available at at extra charge


Mark mason will be at the check in offering contest Photo and video packages

As you will receive a free competitor T-shirt. Dave Patterson will also be at check in with the ability to customize your competitor  T-shirt with a few options for a small fee.


The official make up artist for the 2013 NPC WA STATE OPEN Bodybuilding Figure Fitness Bikini Championship, National Qualifier is Jen Turnbull. Jen is available to book personal make up application for the WA State Open. contact her for time availability and price.  jenturnbull48@yahoo.com


The official hair stylist  for the 2013 NPC WA STATE OPEN Bodybuilding Figure Fitness Bikini Championship, National Qualifier is Jen Mennen Perez. Mennen  is available to book personal hair up do’s for  the WA State Open. contact her for time availability and price.  Menn3n@hotmail.com


Order of Events


Open Men Bodybuilding Bantam

Open Men Bodybuilding Light Weight

Open Men Bodybuilding Middle Weight

Open Men Bodybuilding Light-Heavy Weight

Open Men Bodybuilding Heavy Weight

Open Men Bodybuilding Super Heavy Weight

Open Women Bodybuilding Light

Open Women Bodybuilding Middle

Open Women Bodybuilding Heavy

Novice Men Bodybuilding Light

Novice Men Bodybuilding Heavy

Novice Bodybuilding Women

Jr Men Bodybuilding

Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding

Masters Women Bodybuilding over 35

Masters Women Bodybuilding over 50

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 40

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 50

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 60

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 70

Fitness Routines

Figure Short, Medium, Tall, Masters 35, 50

Fitness 2 pc

Bikini (5’2” & under), Bikini (5’2”-5’4”),Bikini (5’4”-5’6”), Bikini (over 5’6”), Bikini 35, Bikini 50

Men Physique Short, Med, Tall, over 35,  over 50

Women Physique, Women Physique over 35



6:00 Intro of MC KIM FARISON Judges & Promoter

Open Men Bantam Bodybuildiers

Light-weight Bodybuilders


Middle-weight Bodybuilders

Guest Poser-Former Super-Heavy Champion Gipson

Lt-Heavy-weight Bodybuilders

Guest Poser-Former WA State Super-Heavy Champion Gabe Moen

Heavy-weight Bodybuilders

Guest Poser – 2012 WA State Open Super-Heavy & Overall Champion Brandon Lyons

Super Heavy-weight Bodybuilders

Guest Poser-Pose down: ‘ALL Done” Gammet, Kenny Gipson, Gabe Moen, Brandon Lyons


“The Bodybuilding Comedian” Charles Dorby

Open Women Bodybuilding Light, Middle, Heavy

Guest Appearance 2011 Wa State Overall Champion Kirsten Haug


Novice Men Bodybuilding Light, Heavy


Novice Woman Bodybuilding

Jr Men Bodybuilding

Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding

Masters Woman bodybuilding 35

Masters Woman bodybuilding 50

Masters Men Bodybuilding Over 40, Over 50, Over 60, Over 70


Guest Performers-Paige Williams & Ave Capbell

Guest Performers-Erin Williams & Ashlee Turner

Fitness Routines

Figure Short, Medium, Tall, Masters 35, 50


Fitness 2 pc & AWARDS

Best Poser ** Team Trophy ** Most Inspirational

Bikini (5’2” & under), Bikini (5’2”-5’4”),Bikini (5’4”-5’6”), Bikini (over 5’6”), Bikini 35, Bikini 50


Men’s Physique, Short, Med, Tall, 35, 50

Women physique, Woman physique over 35


CHECK‑INS/ WEIGH‑INS: Competitors will weigh-in/measure in (wearing posing suit) and check in their music. Check‑ins/weigh‑ins fri July 19th 6pm-8pm.

Competitor Meeting:

mandatory competitor meeting Sat July 20 9:00am


ONLY CD’s (not MP3) are acceptable. CD must be free from distortion and blank, expect for the piece of music you’re using. CD must be marked with competitors name and division entered on the side that the music is on. Bodybuilding routines should be no longer than 60 seconds and up to 2 minutes for fitness. Absolutely no music with obscene language accepted. Williams Productions will not accept liability for CD’s left behind.


10 am, doors open 9 am $20


6 pm, doors open 5 pm $40


This year Fitness expo vendor area will be the best in 11 years. We have a record number. This means great competitor gift bags for all of you with great products and samples from those that support YOU! We will give you, your competitor T-shirt as well as your gift bag when you check in on Fri Night.


Congrats to Mark Syndahem

  • A free Night show DVD of the 2013 NPC WA State Open, a whole box of Quest bars, and a Mutant product.

Here is the link to join the the WA State Facebook Page, the Event Page, and the FB Group so you can stay informed and up to date.

Page   https://www.facebook.com/wabodybuilding

Event  https://www.facebook.com/events/115425951972201/

Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/141108815899261/


Backstage Trainer Pass

REQUIREMENTS & info for Backstage passes for trainers of competitor teams


  • Trainers must have a current NPC card for insurance reasons to be back stage.

  • Trainers must have competitors in the event

  • A back stage Ticket/Pass must be purchased for the combined of both the am and pm show. ($60) This will give you;

  1. A VIP seat at 10:00am judging with your team visible on the front and back of seat.

  2. A VIP seat at 6:00pm finals with your team visible on the front and back of seat.

  3. VIP Trainer back stage pass.

  • As we appreciate trainers getting competitors ready for this event. We also realize that putting on a prestigious event for competitors to be a part of also gives trainers a place to showcase the work of their athletes. This  event creates a platform for competitors and in-turn a reason for them to seek out and hire a trainer. We do appreciate the support of all trainers for selecting this event. Please respect the fact that we cannot run a successful event by giving away passes and tickets.

  • You must respect all competitors, trainers and staff with courtesy. Williams Productions and the Auburn PAC staff reserves the right to with escort anyone from the backstage area and premise for failure to comply with the backstage rules.

  • Passes are limited in # due to seat availability and time so ACT NOW!

  • Backstage passes will not be issued the day of the event. Your deadline to take advantage of this opportunity is July 15 unless we are sold out due to space.

  • To reserve your pass:

  1. Pay the $60 fee through the link below.

  2. Fill out the Trainer registration form page that you are taken to after completing your payment.

Take care,

Talk to you all soon, and good luck!

Jeremy Williams    info@williamsproductions.com