IFBB Pro Mike Spencer

IFBB Pro Mike Spencer Guest Poses at the NPC WA State Open!

Mark your calendars for July 13th, 2024, because the Auburn Performing Arts Center is about to light up with the presence of the incredible IFBB Pro Mike Spencer! As a father of four, Mike embodies dedication and passion not just in bodybuilding but in all aspects of life.

Known for his expertise in contest prep coaching with “Team Get Big Crew,” Mike is not just a powerhouse on stage but also a mentor and coach for those looking to reach their fitness goals. His friendly demeanor and eagerness to help others make him an invaluable resource in the fitness community.

Don’t miss the chance to meet this fitness icon in person! Swing by the vendor lobby to say hello, snap a pic, and soak in the inspiration from someone who truly embodies the spirit of fitness and wellness.

Be sure to grab your spectator tickets for the NPC WA State Open. Experience the excitement of live bodybuilding competition and support your favorite athletes as they showcase their hard work and dedication on stage.

Let’s make this event unforgettable together! See you at the NPC WA State Open on July 13th, 2024!

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