2019 Wa State Open Poster

Contest Prep Coaches

Wa State Open Contest Prep Coaches,

Thank you for helping your clients prepare for the 2019 NPC Wa State Open.

You can submit a logo and some picture in the form below to be listed in a contest prep coach feature that will be part of the 2019 Contest Coverage in NW Fitness Magazine.


We are Promoting a contest prep seminar/posing workshop at the WA State Open. This will be free to all event ticket holders.  If you would like to use this opportunity to help out and introduce yourself to people new to the sport that are likely looking for guidance we would love to have you there.  You can let us know through the form if you would like to help at the seminar/workshop.

You can also use this as an opportunity to help your competitors in the WA Open; by running them through the poses and coaches them, while new interested people learn and watch you do what you do.

You can bring any business cards or flyers you want to have on display as well.

Contest Prep Seminar / Posing Workshop details page for spectators / attendee’s