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Competitor Online Music Submission 

The deadline for music acceptance is Thursday, July 13th, at 6 pm. All music after that is considered late. Any music received after Monday, July 13th, will be charged a minimum of $20 to accept any music. This will be paid directly to the D.J David Patterson. Editing is an additional charge. If music is not received by the end of registration/check-in, that competitor will pose to house music.

Classes that use music for a routine are: Bodybuilding, Fitness, Classic physique, Woman’s physique.

If you are in multiple classes within the same division then you will do your routine in the first class and not the second. Example, if you are in open bodybuilding and masters bodybuilding you will just do your posing routine to music in the open bodybuilding.

If you are in multiple divisions such as bodybuilding and classic physique. You will do your routine to music in both bodybuilding and classic physique. Please make a separate music submission for each class. If you intend to pose to the same music for both classes then please make two music submissions ( one for each class). You can use different music or the same for both class’s; the choice is yours.

Williams Productions is excited to announce that Dave Patterson will be running the event music. He will be managing the competitor music as well as his personal mix to keep the show popping!

“Williams Productions is now 100% Online Music Submission. Upload your music below in MP3 format only if you are entered into a class requiring music. Those classes are: Men’s Bodybuilding (including Master’s), Men’s Classic Physique (including Master’s), Women’s Physique (including Master’s), and Women’s Fitness (including Jr’s).

You will get a confirmation email from our music person once your song is received. Remember, MP3 format submissions only. If you need to convert, there are online conversion programs that will do that. Also, songs purchased from iTunes more likely than not will not upload to the site. If you have an iTunes song, contact our music person, David Patterson, directly at and he will assist you.

Williams Production Staff”

Williams Productions NPC WA State Open, National Qualifier, official event DJ David “DR BUFF” Patterson.

David Patterson is one of the most passionate stage bodybuilding stage performers in NW bodybuilding history. Winner of countless titles, best poser awards, a guest performer as an individual, small group, and Large group director/choreographer. Dave is formally educated in the field of nutrition/training. He has been a coach of coaches & trainer of trainers. His experience in the Bodybuilding competition arena is one of incredible diversity. Dr. Buff has hosted events and entertained audiences as the Master of Ceremonies and now is helping Williams Productions run our event music to a new level of seamless entertainment.

Williams Productions Thanks You, DJ David “DR Buff” Patterson.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m David “Dr. Buff” Patterson and I’ll be your music person at the 2018 JWilliams Washington State Championships. If you’re receiving this, I received your online music submission and will be checking them all soon or have already checked them, for proper formatting, music volume, and time. Please take a minute or so to read through the following. Some of it may apply to you, some may not, but I wanted to touch on all issues that commonly arise during online music submissions.

For future reference, please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that your music is at its correct start and end point. I will not have time to adjust a song right before you step onstage. The onstage expediter will coordinate with me as to when to hit ‘play’ based off of the information you provided (start music onstage/offstage/at this pose, etc.). I will do that. From there it’s on to the next song.

As I review each song now, I’ll check to ensure that it starts at zero, meaning no lead-in times. If your song has a 2-5 second blank beginning, I will delete it. We don’t need that dead time. If your song is LONGER than one minute, such as a full song (90 seconds for couples and 2 minutes for Women’s Fitness), I will edit it down to one minute with a simple fade out. I’ll also ‘normalize’ all songs for volume, meaning levels will be set to industry standards. I cannot adjust for bass/treble/static, etc. If your song is soft and scratchy, it will be loud and scratchy. If it’s really bad, I’ll attempt to contact you and see about finding a ‘cleaner’ version of it to work with. If there are any other small issues that arise with your song, I will attempt to contact you to remedy it, otherwise I’ll just go with a straight one minute song. Remember, we want your song to sound as good as possible while you’re onstage.

Swearing – if I notice ANY swearing in a song, I will contact you to edit it out. Since it’s not allowed and if I have to edit it, there will be a charge associated with said edit which will have to be paid via Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal,  PRIOR to me editing it, otherwise you will pose to house music. Please understand that it’s your responsibility to provide ‘clean’ songs.

If you requested that your song start ANYWHERE OTHER than the beginning of the song, that is also considered an edit, and you will have to resubmit it at your start point (remember, no lead-in), or hire me and I can edit it down. This is important for three reasons. One, I work with MANY individuals on music editing. I charge them. If I have to edit your song, I will charge you as well. I do music editing and mixing so I will be able to accommodate your needs for a nominal fee. Please reply TO ME ONLY if you need your music edited or mixed. If you prefer to find someone to edit/mix it or do it yourself, that’s also acceptable. It just has to be exactly where you want it to start. I’ll do my best to accommodate everyone this first time around, but again, for future reference, all music submitted MUST start at its exact starting point otherwise it will be considered an edit.

Two, when initially checking your song, I simply open it into a program and check the beginning, end, and volume. I seldom review the pdf data submitted, so it’s your responsibility to have it start where you want it to start.

Three, once at the show, if I missed your requested edit, I do not have time to ‘edit on the fly’ so to speak, meaning I’ll start your song where I edited its beginning when I received it online.

Some of you will be competing in multiple classes/divisions in which you may need music. If you are competing in different classes in the same division (example: Master’s Men’s Bodybuilding and Open Bodybuilding), more likely than not you will pose the FIRST time you come out onstage. Each additional time you come out, the MC will simply introduce you, you strike a pose center stage, and walk off.

If you are competing in different divisions (example: Open Bodybuilding and Classic Physique) you may be allowed to pose in each division. This will be determined by the Promoter(s) of the show.

I think I covered everything. Please check in with me at registration/weigh-ins to give me your competitor number and verify that your music is correct and in the correct class(es). If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

Oh, if I do edit your song and you’d like your new cleaned up version emailed to you for future shows, please contact me and I’ll forward to you.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you soon! Keep practicing those routines! Remember, the night show is for the audience – bring your best stage performance!

Chat soon!!


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