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Competitor Online Music Submission 

The deadline for music acceptance is, July 12th, at 6 pm. All music after that is considered late. Any music received after, July 12th, will be charged a minimum of $20 to accept any music.

Classes that use music for a routine are: Bodybuilding, Fitness, Classic physique, Woman’s physique.

If you are in multiple classes within the same division then you will do your routine in the first class and not the second. Example, if you are in open bodybuilding and masters bodybuilding you will just do your posing routine to music in the open bodybuilding.

If you are in multiple divisions such as bodybuilding and classic physique. You will do your routine to music in both bodybuilding and classic physique. Please make a separate music submission for each class. If you intend to pose to the same music for both classes then please make two music submissions ( one for each class). You can use different music or the same for both class’s; the choice is yours.

“Williams Productions is now 100% Online Music Submission. Upload your music below in MP3 format only if you are entered into a class requiring music. Those classes are: Men’s Bodybuilding (including Master’s), Men’s Classic Physique (including Master’s), Women’s Physique (including Master’s), and Women’s Fitness (including Jr’s).

You will get a confirmation email from our music person once your song is received. Remember, MP3 format submissions only.

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