Team X-Treme

Team X-Treme

Williams Productions would like to thank Turk and Bam Bam of Team X-Treme as well as the whole competition team for your interest and support in the NPC WA State Open Bodybuilding Figure Fitness Bikini & Physique Championship, National Qualifier!

Best of luck to your while team but most of all i hope you all enjoy the journey and experience. THANK YOU!

What team Will win the 2013 NPC WA STATE OPEN TEAM/TRAINER/COACH AWARD???  Come see these teams compete for the at the NPC WA State Championship TEAM Title.

If you are looking for expert guidance check out Team X-Treme

  • Business Name  Team X-Treme
  • Trainer Name Turk Fickling and Andre Scott (Bam Bam)
  • Names of competitors in 2013 NPC WA State Championship –
  • Services provided by Team/Trainer –
  • Types of clients trainer works –
  • Website –
Team X-treme Andre Bam Bam Scott Turk Fickling Wa state bodybuilding

Team X-treme Andre Bam Bam Scott Turk Fickling Wa state bodybuilding

team xtreme2 team xtreme3

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